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Two evaluations of SEC were carried out in 2007, both of which resulted in very positive findings regarding the quality and value of SEC’s work.

Education and Training Inspectorate

The evaluation carried out by the Education and Training Inspectorate, which focussed mainly on the Work Experience Programme, analysed the main benefits of this programme as follows:

Benefits to employers
Those offering the most sought after placements do not have to respond repeatedly to requests from a wide range of educational institutions;
Assisting to sequence work experience during the year to meet their needs more effectively; and
Providing better information about the nature and purpose of work experience.

Benefits to students
A better match of placements to planned career progression opportunities;
Help to ensure that their expectations are realised, particularly in the most sought after placements, when planning their work experience; and
Access to a wider range of employers than on programmes managed by their educational institutions or by themselves directly.

Benefits to schools
Resource savings in the administration of work experience;
Access to a wide range of employers;
Support provided to pupils and students in preparation for work experience; and
Support provided in solving problems with additional placements.

Department of Education

A very in-depth study was carried out by BDO Stoy Hayward on behalf of the Department of Education.

Some of the findings about SEC overall are as follows:

Pupils felt the SEC programmes had made a marked contribution to their skill-sets in four key areas - general skills, people skills, specialist skills and personal skills.  (90%) of pupils stated that they would take part in another SEC programme.

All of the teachers (100%) stated that they would take part in another SEC programme and all either ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘agreed’ that participation in SEC programmes had improved pupils’ skills in the following areas:

  • how to behave in a place work;
  • decision making ability;
  • ability to complete tasks on time;
  • problem solving skills and planning and preparation skills;
  • numeracy ability and literacy skills;
  • teamwork skills, talking and listening skills, time keeping skills, ability to work on their own and their ability to meet new people;
  • ICT skills including working with computers;
  • presentation skills;
  • personal skills – particularly motivation and enthusiasm, and ability to take initiative; and
  • recognising their own strengths and weaknesses.

All businesses (100%) felt that the SEC programme of work had assisted with the development of pupils’ employability skills and promoted their business within the local community to a ‘great’ or moderate extent’, whilst 97% of businesses felt that the FOSEC programme had helped them fulfil corporate social responsibility to a ‘great’ or ‘moderate extent’.  The vast majority of businesses (92%) involved in the consultation process stated that there is a continuing need for programmes such as those offered by SEC.

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